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RGC MH Updates

RGC Maphack Updates

Hi guys, in recent months I have been updating the page very often and with these changes we also have to adapt them to the maphack,
I just added a limit on the use sessions, that is, now they can only be used in a single active session, by default.
So if you are using the program on a PC and another person accesses the maphack with your account, He will not be able to do so.
You can also expel others who are using your account from Manage Licenses,
In case you want to share your account with a friend or a familiar, you can extend your sessions to $4.00 dollars per active session.
This week we will make some last changes to the API and a change of Route so that the older versions of the maphack stop working forever,
So if you want to continue using the maphack you must download the latest version from this website.

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