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API Update and Quarantine Payment Issues

API Update

Many months ago, since the implementation of UnBan, many users had problems with licenses exceeded in their accounts, since today this has already been corrected, due to a confusion that was committed when taking the records by hwid is that this error occurred.
Starting this week we will change to a different API which works with Lumen. This means that when receiving and returning information it will work much faster than the current API we use.

API Beta : https://api.dontdebug.com

Quarantine Payment Issues

Since many of our clients have problems with quarantine payments in their country, I am going to create a special section so that they can extend the payment term for up to 6 months and still be able to continue purchasing their licenses, this will only be available for our clients who have made at least 8 payments, however this does not mean that they get into debt and never pay if they do this they will be prohibited from accessing our services for life.

Thank you for being part of our community. Take care of yourself, stay home and obey the authorities of your country. amorrr.png
- Admin Tanya.